General practitioners

During the holidays or in case of absence of one of the doctors we work with an acting doctor.

Caroline Hora Adema


Allow us to introduce our specialists:

Swaida Wadam, GP

Drs Swaida Wadan has 10 years of experience as a GP and a great drive to commit to the health of people. Her specialization is integral medicine with emphasis for the importance and effects of food for our health. With this in mind, Drs Wadan has joined the Vereniging van Arts en Voeding (Association of Doctors and Food) and currently working with ten other general practitioners throughout the Netherlands to learn more about this. Work days: Wednesday and Friday Consults in Dutch, English, Dari/Farsi, Czech Focus areas Integral medicine, Diabetes, Nutrition and health


Natasja van der Wouden, GP

Amal El Kaddouni, doctor’s assistent

Souraya Sabbab, doctor’s assistent

Layla el Mokhtari, doctor’s assistent

The doctor’s assistents will help you with:

  • Making appointments, both by phone and in our practise.
  • Registration and administration.
  • Measuring bloodpressure.
  • Injections.
  • Cleaning of the ears.
  • ECG.
  • Freezing warts.